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2 stages liposuccion

Testimonial of a 2 stages liposuccion WAL patient


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Through this testimonial, this patient, who underwent a 2 stages liposuccion, shares her experience without hesitation..

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Beatrice, I am 46 years old, I live in Lille and I am an administrative manager in an SME.

When did you know there was something wrong with your legs?

Since I was a teenager. I’ve always had what they call “pole legs”, very big legs. I was always told there was nothing to be done until I saw a TV show with a famous youtuber’s testimony and when I saw her legs, I said to myself that she had the same legs as me.

Big hope, maybe there is something to do and I started researching this disease because lipedema is indeed a disease.

You have directly found the name of Dr. Zwillinger?

The first search led me to Germany because after the show I hadn’t heard of any surgeons in Paris. I consulted in Germany but I didn’t follow up because of the language barrier and because I wasn’t yet comfortable, nor ready to start surgery abroad. A year went by and when I started looking again I came across the practice of Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger.

When was your first consultation?

In July 2020, I went out and placed the first operation directly. It was becoming too much of a burden and too disabling. I knew I had to do something.

What were your daily symptoms?

Heavy, painful legs, no possibility of using an epilator, the slightest blow is immediately very painful. It becomes a handicap even to walk, I walk a lot, I still have to lift my legs which have a weight. It’s difficult

to put on shoes, to get dressed. You can’t wear what you want in trousers. Skiing is impossible, cycling is difficult. Everything becomes complicated. It’s a progressive disease and you have to know that. 

You were operated on in 2 stages liposuccion by Dr Nicolas Zwillinger?

Yes, the first operation in October 2020 from the ankle to the knee, second operation in October 2021 from the knee to the upper thighs.

Can you describe the day and the postoperative period of the first operation?

The first operation, the postoperative period, is painful, but you should be aware of this. It is not an operation to be taken lightly. You just have to be patient and know that it won’t get better overnight. When Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger says that it takes between 4 and 6 months, that’s exactly right! It’s not painful for 4 to 6 months but we’ll be wearing compression stockings for 6 months with physiotherapy sessions twice a week. But the great thing is that you can see the result quickly and it’s encouraging to continue. Honestly, after the first operation, I said to myself that I wouldn’t do the second one, but after 6 months, given the results, I went right back for the second one. It’s so comfortable and you feel so much better afterwards.

How did the second intervention compare to the first?

The operation on the thighs is less painful. The amount of fat removed made me feel very tired. I also went back to work more quickly (15 days off for the first and 10 days for the second). You just have to take it easy, be well supported and in the end it gets better and better every day. And when you have a dip in morale, you take a mirror and you’re off again.

We are now one month after the second operation, the hardest part is behind me, I still have some swelling. I’m going to wear my stockings until spring and I advise women to do it in winter.

I’ll be in a swimming costume and uninhibited for the summer of 2022.

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