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Ambulatory medicine

Ambulatory medicine or overnight stay at the clinic


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Lipedema surgery can be performed on an ambulatory medicine, i.e. without spending the night in the clinic. This method of surgery is becoming more and more popular in hospitals. This decision is taken before the operation, in agreement with the surgeon, Dr Nicolas Zwillinger.

Although a third of our patients feel the need to sleep in the clinic, it is not always necessary for you to stay there. Normally, after a few hours of rest and monitoring, you will be able to walk and go home at the end of the day. However, it sometimes happens that the choice of outpatient treatment turns into hospitalisation for medical reasons or in case of severe fatigue.

A short summary of the advantages and disadvantages of outpatient surgery or overnight stay in the clinic.

Surgery in ambulatory medicine

Before the operation, the surgeon will decide whether you can have an outpatient operation. If this is the case, you will be able to go home the same evening. After the operation and the recovery room for post-operative monitoring, we will take you back to your room where we will serve you a snack. Dr Nicolas Zwillinger or his assistant will visit you. If there are no complications, you can go home in the evening.

However, you will need to be accompanied by someone you trust. We will explain all the emergency procedures to you before you leave. Finally, the next day, a nurse from the outpatient surgery department and Dr Nicolas Zwillinger’s assistant will telephone you to make sure that the night went well and that you are in good health.

For the operation in ambulatory medicine

  • You find your bed and your comfort the same evening
  • You are quiet to spend the night
  • No frequent passages of the nurses, no noise of the comings and goings in the corridors of the clinic
  • You are autonomous
  • No additional costs to pay
  • There is less risk of infection.

Against the operation in ambulatory medicine

  • You do not have the physical presence of the nursing staff, although you can of course reach the clinic or the anaesthetist at any time from home.
  • You must manage your own first aid.

Staying overnight at the clinic

Room at Clinic Étoile
  • You go into hospital in the morning.
  • You are operated on during the day, spend the night in the clinic and go home the next day when the surgeon allows you to.

To spend the night at the clinic

  • The operation was performed under general anaesthesia
  • You need a specific post-operative follow-up
  • You are under medical supervision
  • Your fatigue is very important
  • No one can pick you up on the evening of the operation, so you cannot leave the clinic alone
  • We help you take your anti-coagulant and pain medication
  • The nursing team accompanies you for the care and the change of the dressings.

Against staying overnight at the clinic

  • You are not in your personal environment
  • There is an additional charge for the night
  • You are more exposed to infectious risks.

The final word on this article entitled “Ambulatory medicine / spending the night at the clinic”.

All you have to do is make your choice. Whatever your decision, we will accompany you and take care of you in a personalised manner with all the attention and professionalism that we give to all our patients.

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