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Lipedema : Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

Equipe Lipoedeme du Dr Nicolas Zwillinger

Lipoedema is a chronic disease characterized by abnormal accumulation of fat (adipose tissue) in the legs (ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips), as well as in the arms and forearms in some cases. This leads to an increase in volume and circumference of the affected limbs, causing swelling and uneven skin texture in the affected areas. […]

5 tips for better management of post-operative edema

post-operative edema

Patients affected by lipedema and operated on by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger often experience post-operative edema in their lower limbs. These swellings may take time to resolve and can sometimes cause stress for these women. In this article, we will discuss this aspect of the recovery process. Definition of post-operative edema Edema is a protective response […]

Lipedema operation : 3 tips for successful organisation

lipedema operation organisation

It is estimated that 60% of patients who have undergone lipedema surgery by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger live more than 2 hours away from Paris. The organisation for a good return home is not to be neglected, in this article we are going to give you some advice for an easier return home. 1. The arrival […]

The 3 strong points of lipedema France

lipedema France logo

Through this article we will highlight the 3 strong points of Lipedema France, which are Dr Nicolas Zwillinger, the technique used and the support of the patients operated throughout the process.  1st highlight strong point of Lipedema France : Dr Nicolas Zwillinger Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger has been an active surgeon since the 2000s, specializing in […]

Pole legs disease : profile of the patient affected by lipedema

profile pole leg disease

This article will profile the patient affected by lipedema consulting Dr Nicolas Zwillinger as well as the patient undergoing WAL liposuction: surgical treatment of pole leg disease. 1. PROFILE OF THE PATIENT CONSULTING DOCTOR NICOLAS ZWILLINGER IN THE CONTEXT OF HER POLE LEG DISEASE It is important to specify that this condition affects a vast […]

Doppler ultrasound essentials before and after lipedema surgery

Doppler ultrasound lipedema

Patients suffering from lipoedema generally consult an angiologist as a first step. Indeed, the symptoms felt may suggest a vascular problem: pain, heaviness, bruising, sometimes spontaneous… A Doppler ultrasound of the lower limbs is then generally performed. Some angiologists with knowledge of this condition may be able to make the diagnosis but this is not […]

The possibility of combining thighs or arms lift with WAL liposuction

lift thighs arms

Some patients with lipedema experience localized skin laxity on the arms and/or thighs and wonder whether the liposuction technique used by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger can be sufficient or whether it should be combined with a lift. The skin on the inner thighs and arms is thin and its elastic brittle fibers. It is therefore rapidly […]

6 tips to avoid phlebitis after lipedema surgery

phlebitis surgery complications

In this article we will discuss one of the possible complications of WAL liposuction, the surgical treatment of lipedema: phlebitis. First of all, what is the definition of phlebitis or venous thrombosis? A venous thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in a vein. It most often affects the lower limbs and settles in : […]

How much fat does the liposuction remove ?

the liposuction

The liposuction has developed rapidly since the 1970s, when it was first experimented with by Dr. G. Fischer, a gynecologist in Rome, Italy. He later founded the International Academy of Aesthetic Surgery. In 1978, two French surgeons, Dr. Illouz and Dr. Fournier, began using and developing liposuction techniques. They were the first to perform liposuction […]

Balanced diet and sport : 2 elements for a better life with lipedema

balanced diet sport lipedema

We recommend a balanced diet combined with regular exercise in order to stabilize the weight and thus slow down the development of lipedema. Indeed, an important element before or after the operation for a patient suffering from lipedema is the stabilization of their weight. In fact, when affected by this condition, there is a tendency […]