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Lack of awareness of big legs : #jesuis11pourcent

big legs lipedema

Lipedema is a pathology affecting 11% of women in France but to this day this pathology remains unknown to the general public but also to the medical world. In this article, we will talk about this pathology commonly called “big legs” disease and the suffering associated with the lack of knowledge about it. The misunderstanding […]

Lipedema : post-operative compression is an essential part of the recovery process

post-operative compression

Post-operative compression is an essential part of recovery in this article we will discuss the postoperative panty recommended as post-operative compression for WAL liposuccion of the “upper knees thighs saddlebags” area, but this panty can also be used for the lower area i.e. “ankles, calves and lower knees” (as a replacement for the Biflex compression […]

The special case of lipedema of the upper limbs

case lipedema of the upper limbs

Lipedema is the uncontrolled growth of fat cells on the lower and upper limbs, and occurs in about 11% of women (#Iam11%).  Many women with lipedema complain about their lower limbs, but some of them also have discomfort in their upper limbs (arms and sometimes forearms), in this case it is also a lipedema of […]

How many medical appointments are required before a lipedema operation ?

medical appointments lipedema

For the surgical treatment of your lipedema with WAL liposuccion, at least four medical appointments are required: 1. Appointments with Dr. Zwillinger The appointment with Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger (in real life or virtually via Doctolib) is the clinical examination that allows the diagnosis of lipedema, to determine the affected areas. He will explain to you […]

Post WAL liposuccion fatigue, the different things to know

fatigue WAL liposuccion

Following a lipedema procedure by WAL liposuccion, patients will experience fatigue. This fatigue can be more or less important depending on many criteria. Elements to be taken into account before the intervention : It will first of all depend on your state of health before the operation, if you feel tired, or if you are […]

5 things you should know about the lipedema consultation

lipedema consultation

You think you have lipedema and you want to meet Dr Nicolas Zwillinger, but you have questions about this first consultation. This article: “5 things to know about the lipedema consultation” will help answer them. 1. Course of the lipedema consultation When you arrive at the practice, we will ask you to fill in a […]

Lipedema : psychological aspects

psychological aspects lipedema

In this article, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Nathalie Neyrolles explains the psychological aspects of lipedema. Although lipedema can appear after a pregnancy or during the menopause, it is above all at the time of puberty that this chronic and progressive disease appears. It is therefore not only a question of coping with the physiological and […]

10 Tips for a successful recovery

convalescence réussie - Conseil

The liposuction WAL of the areas affected by lipedema will allow you to return to a “normal” life, reducing pain, heaviness, spontaneous hematoma. Your legs will be shaped/refined. But before you see these results, your convalescence may be difficult. Please note that this article is not intended for patients with varicose veins. Here are our […]

My legs look strange on the post-op photos


Response to a patient’s question After an operation, you may be alarmed by the appearance of your legs: too great a contrast between the size of your thighs and lower legs, not enough fat removed for your taste… Don’t panic! Some explanations In the case of significant lipedema, present in several areas of the body, […]

Why consult an angiologist for lipedema ?

Why see an angiologist

Why consult an angiologist for lipedema? As part of the treatment of your lipoedema you will probably be in contact with an angiologist. What is an angiologist ? The word angiologist comes from the Greek word “angeius” which means vessel. The angiologist, also known as a vascular doctor, is a specialist in diseases of the […]