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Testimony of a patient following their second surgery


​​On the day of her second surgery at the Étoile clinic, this patient of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger shares with us her evolution of this pathology. Could you introduce yourself ? My name is Isabelle. I will be 58 years old at the end of August. I have just undergone a WAL liposuction for lipedema. You […]

Testimony of a patient suffering from lipedema

lipedema patiente

This testimony is a journey of a patient’s suffering of lipedema from her teenage years until today. It depicts the evolution of this condition, despite a healthy lifestyle, up until her operations and meeting with Docteur Nicolas Zwillinger. Could you introduce yourself ? Hello, I am Aurore. I am 47 years old and I have […]

Testimony of a dance teacher affected by lipedema and operated in 2 stages

testimony lipedema

Through her testimony, a patient of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger shares with us her experience as a dance teacher, affected by lipedema which has an impact on her professional and personal life. When did you first notice lipedema in your lower limbs and what were your symptoms on a daily basis?  I realised that I had […]

Testimony of a patient with lipedema in the arms

testimony lipedema arms

A patient with stage 2 lipedema on the arms shares her experience of WAL liposuccion treatment of this area. How did you get to know Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger? Purely by chance while doing research on a subject other than lipedema. How did your first consultation with Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger go? After becoming aware that Dr. […]

Testimony of an Algerian patient, operated on for lipedema by Dr Zwillinger

patiente algérienne lipœdème

On the occasion of her post-operative appointment, an Algerian patient shares her experience of liposuccion WAL to treat her stage 2 lipedema of the lower limbs. Could you introduce yourself and your disease “lipedema”? My name is Melissa, I am 24 years old. I am of Algerian origin. I saw the testimonies of Doctor Nicolas […]

Testimonial of a 2 stages liposuccion WAL patient

2 stages liposuccion

Through this testimonial, this patient, who underwent a 2 stages liposuccion, shares her experience without hesitation.. Can you introduce yourself? My name is Beatrice, I am 46 years old, I live in Lille and I am an administrative manager in an SME. When did you know there was something wrong with your legs? Since I […]

Interview Mrs H liposuccion WAL

Liposuccion WAL

Can you introduce yourself? My name is J. I am 27 years old, I am a pharmacist and since I was a teenager I wanted to have an operation on my legs and calves because I found that they had a rather atypical shape. I had initially consulted several other doctors before taking the plunge […]

Interview Liposuccion WAL Ankle socks

Interview liposuccion WAL ankle socks

On the occasion of the interview of a patient operated by Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger for a liposuccion WAL ankle socks discover all the steps of this surgery. Hello Mrs.F, could you introduce yourself? My name is Mrs. F. I am 28 years old and I have known I had lipedema for two years. For a […]