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Compression clothing

Compression clothing


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Wearing compression clothing is an essential element in the result obtained following liposuction WAL surgery. Indeed, following the operation, the fat sucked out is replaced by water, leading to post-operative oedema. Wearing compression garments limits this oedema and promotes good blood circulation.

This compression clothing (also called a girdle) is the last thing the medical team does. It must be worn for 15 days (day and night). Combined with class III compression stockings, then 15 days (day or night) alone.

Be sure to wear them for a minimum of one month. You may also need to wear them for a little longer.

Compression clothing: benefits and effects on the body

These compression garments allow :

  • Minimise post-operative swelling/oedema,
  • Reduce the risk of infection
  • Reducing pain
  • Accelerate healing
  • Avoiding sagging skin

Compression garments: Lipoelastic, Cerecare and Embody lingerie

We work closely with the brand Lipoelastic.

Compression garments Lipoelastic

Their website allows online ordering of their products (with online help if needed).

They also have a shop in Paris (ALL-MED sas, 7 rue du Cardinal Mercier 75 009 Paris). You will be able to take measurements and try on their different models.

However, there are other brands of compression garments.

In particular Cerecare , their products are available online and in selected partner pharmacies.

Compression garments Cerecare

Compression stockings or tights are also essential for liposuction WAL, both before and after the surgery.

We recommend wearing compression stockings or tights (class II but ideally class III) as soon as lipedema is diagnosed. On a daily basis, in order to avoid swelling of the lower limbs and the pain that may be associated.

Flat-knit, tailored tights or stockings are recommended.

The Juzo laboratory is also well known in this field.

You can also visit the Embody lingerie website which offers a line of postoperative lingerie combining support and femininity.

The Embody lingerie line
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