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Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger legs

Testimony of a patient of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger, whom he operated on after 25 years of suffering lipedema


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On the occasion of her visit to the Étoile clinic, this patient of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger shares with us her journey from adolescence to the present day. On the eve of her 40th birthday, she decided to take the plunge into surgical treatment of liposuction WAL of the legs.

1- Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Mrs H, I am 39 years old, I have a 13 year old boy and I have been married for 20 years.

2- You were operated on today for lipedema by Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger. Could you describe your life with this condition that affects your legs?

Since my adolescent years, I noticed that I had fatty deposits that were spreading all over my body, especially on my knees, calves and thighs. I tried several diets even as a teenager and nothing helped, it wouldn’t go away. These areas, my legs, were full of fat. I tried everything: lymphatic drainage, sport (tennis, aquabike…), diets. I had all the tests I could think of, but I was always told: “it’s genetic”. Indeed, I come from the Maghreb, in the Mediterranean. I want to but I didn’t see the connection, I just kept getting told “it’s genetic” or “you don’t do enough sport”.

3- When were you able to put down the word “lipedema”?

I discovered the word “lipoedema” recently, and while looking for it, I said to myself: “it’s 2022, there must be a solution”. A short time ago I found Dr Nicolas Zwillinger on social media, as well as other surgeons abroad. Everyone does as they please but I live in France, we are in Paris, there are bound to be professionals who can meet my expectations. I didn’t want to go elsewhere.

I spoke to several women also affected by this disease and who had been operated on by Dr Nicolas Zwillinger, and I was able to find answers to my questions.

“I have been dreaming of doing something on my legs for 25 years and today it finally came true!”

4- Tell us about your first meeting with Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger?

The first appointment with Docteur Nicolas Zwillinger took place over video-consultation. He immediately confirmed the diagnosis of lipoedema, when you see my legs it is not obvious, but yes, I have lipoedema. He said that he could structure my leg, give it back its shape and above all take away the discomfort that I have had for several years: fatigue, post legs…

“The solution was found: WAL liposuction, I am delighted!”

5- You have just been operated on at the Étoile clinic, under spinal anesthesia, would you share your experience with us?

I wasn’t stressed about the spinal anesthetic, as I had my baby boy, who turns 13 today, by cesarean. So I was already familiar with it. With spinal anesthesia, the needle is less intimidating. The advantage of this anesthetic is that the whole upper body is mobile, you can hear the whole operation (what is being said), or you can put on your headphones and listen to your music. And above all, the recovery is much better, there is less of that “groggy” side that you can find with general anesthesia, but there was nothing at all – I was very mobile.

I didn’t feel anything during the operation, I was a little apprehensive but I could just feel that it was moving. Everything is well done, there is an operating field, you can’t see anything during the operation. 

6- At the end of the operation you could see your legs, what were your first thoughts?

Wow! These are not mine! These are not my legs! They’re very thin, really nice, and shapely. You can see the results straight away and I can’t wait to see in a few months what it can be for good.

With compression stockings and biflex bands, the result is already quite impressive.

7- How did you feel when you left the operating room?

During the operation, nothing at all, then of course the pain came. The lower part of the body had to endure some trauma, but it is the only solution to treat this localized fat.

“It’s a great technique, they are the best here and the result is there.”

8- Since your return to the room, how are you feeling?

Well, the nurses were able to accompany me for my first rise. They gave me time to get ready. I was worried about the discomfort, but everything went well. There were steps to follow. I didn’t even have to hold on to them. Everything went very well!

9- We thank you for this testimonial, we will have the opportunity to review with you again during your post-op appointment in 1 month.

It was a pleasure and it’s true that what helped a lot was that from the moment I was welcomed at the Étoile clinic, I was taken care of and reassured. I think that’s very important because if you see a tense and stressed team, it doesn’t help. You come for an operation which is heavy, it’s not trivial, but in this clinic you are very well looked after and I can’t wait to see the results and to come back to see the whole team at Dr Nicolas Zwillinger’s office and at the Étoile clinic, to thank them.

We advise you to take a look at the before and after of Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger in order to discover many results of patients operated on their legs.

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