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How does a liposuction WAL work?

How does a liposuction WAL work?


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In this video you will see how a liposuction WAL works.

Liposuction WAL video by Human Med

Human Med a German manufacturer of medical technology devices with its own design engineers is a leader in the field of water jet assisted liposuction and fat grafting (W.A.L.).

Liposuction WAL : a different technique from “classical” liposuction

In contrast to conventional liposuction procedures, water jet assisted liposuction (W.A.L.) removes fat with a flat fan-shaped water jet, with much less force and a much lower risk of side effects. The surrounding connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels remain virtually intact.

The flushing and suctioning of the fat cells takes place in parallel. The doctor has direct control over both the contours of the body and the fluid introduced and removed during the entire procedure.

Thus, the negative influence of the remaining tumescent solution on the patient’s body is practically avoided.

Bruising and damage to sensitive nerves, which are located directly under the skin, are much less frequent when using the water jet. Like exposed tree roots, the majority of the tissue strands under the skin that are important for skin tightening remain intact.

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