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Mohamed Kara

Interview with Mohamed Kara, operating assistant


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Hello, please introduce yourself

Mohamed Kara, operating assistant to Dr Nicolas Zwillinger. I am a state-qualified nurse and I trained to be an operating assistant in plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynaecological surgery and ophthalmology.

How long have you been working with Dr. Zwillinger ?

I have known him for 13 years, I have worked with him for two years.

Can you give us more details on the typical course of an operation ?

The doctor and I receive the patients in the operating room. Once they are settled, the anaesthetists and the Nurse Anaesthetists will prepare the operation. When everything is ready we can present ourselves to the patient. I take the material on the table prepared for me by the nurse dresser and I brush the parts to be operated on. Once they have been slathered, we set up the operation site with drapes (single-use sterile cloths) with the doctor. And everything is ready!

Do you have any advice for patients before the operation?

The nurses will ask them a lot of questions before their operation: confirming that they are fasting, if they don’t have contact lenses, if they don’t have dentures, if they have metal implanted in their body… I advise them to relax and prepare themselves well for the day.

M. Mohamed Kara any advice on how to manage their stress ?

It is also the nurse on duty who will help them to manage their anxiety and who may give them sedatives to relax them. It sometimes happens that some patients under local anaesthesia are very stressed and when we see that this stress is too great we propose, in agreement with the anaesthetist, a sedation to relax them and make them feel better. We see immediately when a patient is stressed, we relax them with a little joke and we reassure them as much as possible!

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