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The 3 strong points of lipedema France


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Through this article we will highlight the 3 strong points of Lipedema France, which are Dr Nicolas Zwillinger, the technique used and the support of the patients operated throughout the process. 

1st highlight strong point of Lipedema France : Dr Nicolas Zwillinger

Dr Zwillinger lipedema France

Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger has been an active surgeon since the 2000s, specializing in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in the Paris region. In 2018, he opened his clinic Paris Aesthetic Surgery Institute in the heart of the 16th district of Paris.

He is a member of the French SOFCEP and international ISAPS esteemed societies, as well as an author of numerous scientific articles and books. 

Dr Nicolas Zwillinger is distinguished in the surgical community for his practice of WAL liposuction and his expertise in the treatment of lipedema disease. In 2019, he created this website : lipedema France, with the aim of raising awareness of this disease, which is still not widely recognised in France.

But the ones who talk about it best are his patients who have undergone surgery for lipedema. Here are just a few:

“Very professional, and attentive to his patients. This surgeon knows the disease perfectly and that’s why I trust him to help me beat this disease.”

“Very attentive doctor.  He takes the necessary time to answer all our questions.”

“Great doctor who was able to find the reason for my problems. Finally an answer, but above all, a solution thanks to the intervention. Thank you Doctor! “

“I highly recommend Dr. Zwillinger! He is an excellent surgeon, he is professional and human. After years of suffering with lipedema, choosing Dr. Zwillinger was the best decision I ever made. Thank you for everything!”

“Dr. Zwillinger has made my body a new one, which was previously hard to accept, look at and understand.

Trusting him was one of the best decisions I ever made because today I am confident in myself!”

“Dr. Zwillinger is a must see person – he turned my biggest flaw into a quality.”

“I thank Dr. Zwillinger for his professionalism and kindness.”

“A big thank you! Dr. Zwillinger has been my savior; no more of this pain of having to hide my legs. “

“Thanks to the surgeon for his help. The operation has completely changed my life, I now have light legs and I can finally dress the way I want! “

“1000 thanks for this life-changing operation! Thank you for this new opportunity that you give to women, to no longer suffer and to finally be able to wear skirts! Bravo for your fight to have lipedema recognised as a disease. “

“The Doctor has changed the way I see myself, it’s as if I were living for the second time! Very satisfied and very grateful: a surgeon who lives up to his operations. “

Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger is the greatest force of lipedema in France, he is appreciated for his ability to listen to patients and their daily suffering, as well as for his knowledge of this disease which is not well known but continues to affect approximately 11% of women (#jesuis11%).

The second strong point of Lipedema France is the technique used:

body-jet lipedema France

Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger relies on a specialized surgery, the WAL liposuction (Water Assisted Liposuction) by Body-Jet technology. This technique allows for the radical and definitive removal of localized fatty deposits by means of a simultaneous water injection and suction system, thus allowing for a lasting reduction in fatty tissue and the complaints associated with the disease.

In order to share with you the backstage of a WAL liposuction performed by Dr Zwillinger, we invite you to watch this video.

As he is a master of this technique, he is invited to share it with other health professionals at various congresses and conferences:

  • Lecture at the Cognacq-Jay Foundation of the Cognacq-Jay Hospital: “Liposuccion WAL chez les patientes atteintes de lipoedème” (WAL Liposuction in patients with lipedema), on the 28th of January 2022
  • 33rd SOFCEP congress (September 17-19, 2021) “Surgical treatment of lipoedema 
  • 09 April 2021, webinar presented by Dr Nicolas ZWILLINGER “Use of the Body-jet in the surgical treatment of lipedema”.

The 3rd strong point of lipedema France is the support:

For Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger, patient support is an essential element. His assistants are therefore present at the practice and in the clinic to provide support before, during and after the surgical treatment of lipedema. They answer your questions in the office after the consultations, but also by telephone or e-mail. They are reactive and professional, allowing patients to approach the operation and the post-operative period more serenely.

The surgeon has also chosen his partner clinics carefully:

in order to provide quality services and a professional and attentive staff.

In order to provide support and information to people suffering from lipoedema or to those around them, this lipedema France website was created in 2020. It contains testimonies, news, interviews with health professionals (angiologists, physiotherapists, anaesthesiologists, nurses…) as well as before/after pictures.

The following testimonials confirm that the patients operated on by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger are delighted with this support.

“Thank you to the Doctor and his team for their support over the last few months”.

“A big thank you to the Doctor and his team, my life has changed thanks to them! “

“I am very satisfied with the result, the listening and the professionalism of Doctor Zwillinger and all his team, both at the office and at the clinic.

“Thank you to the Doctor’s assistants for their professionalism and patience.”

“Very happy to have met this team with whom we can share. Very nice human people and available for explanations while remaining discreet.”

“Very good team, good follow-up and very reassuring. I recommend it. “

“Thank you to the assistants of Doctor Zwillinger, the nurses of the Clinique Étoile and the anaesthesiologist Doctor Gloulou, a top team! “

“I am totally satisfied with my treatment by the team and their availability. It is very reassuring to be faced with such experience, involvement and responsiveness. Thank you again! “

lipedema France Team
Lipedema France Team

A pioneer in the treatment of lipedema France, Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger is constantly seeking to improve his technique, support and recognition of this condition by the general public and health professionals. By creating this website lipedema france, he wishes to change things and improve the lives of the 11% of women.

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