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lipedema operation organisation

Lipedema operation : 3 tips for successful organisation


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It is estimated that 60% of patients who have undergone lipedema surgery by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger live more than 2 hours away from Paris. The organisation for a good return home is not to be neglected, in this article we are going to give you some advice for an easier return home.

1. The arrival in Paris for your lipedema operation

For a lipedema operation you are generally called to arrive at the clinic between 7am and 9am. If you live far from the Paris region, it is preferable to spend the night in the area. You should not underestimate the possible traffic problems (traffic jams, transport strikes…). Patients faced with this situation have often had to resort to different solutions for accommodation:

  • Staying with family members/friends (in Paris or the Paris region)
  • Spending  a night at a hotel (there are many hotels close to the two clinics in which Dr Nicolas Zwillinger operates: Clinique Trocadéro and Clinique Etoile)
  • Renting accommodation between individuals (Airbnb, abritel…)

As the operation takes place under general or spinal anesthesia, it is important to eat a light meal the evening before and then to fast until the time of the operation.

We indicate your arrival time at the clinic the month before the lipedema operation. This time takes into account the time needed for administrative procedures and pre-operative preparation.

Organisation night

2. Discharge from the clinic

The discharge time is difficult to predict as it will depend on various factors:

  • the duration of the operation
  • the volume of fat aspirated
  • your recovery time

It is not advisable to plan several hours of travel on the day of the lipedema operation. We therefore strongly advise you to spend the night in Paris or the Paris region. During this night you will need to be attended to. If this is not possible in your case, you will need to plan a night in hospital at the clinic in order to benefit from the supervision of a medical team.

In the case of overnight stays outside the clinic (outpatient hospitalization), certain elements must be taken into account:

  • Post-operative discharge: use mattress covers to protect bedding
  • Post-operative fatigue: avoid stairs and walking of duration more than 10 minutes

3. The return journey

You can choose between different means of transport for the return journey. We will detail each of them, indicating the advantages and constraints. In all cases, you will need to be well hydrated and wear your post-operation compression.

By train

This is often the best in terms of time to distance ratio, but some arrangements must be made, specifically avoiding connections, for example. The pace of walking will be greatly slowed down following the intervention, so we advise you to call on SNCF assistance. This assistance can be booked in advance and allows you to be accompanied until you enter the train in your wheelchair. You will need to arrive at the station early.

Once in the train, do not hesitate to protect the seat with a sheet. Sitting down can be difficult for a long period of time, so the train offers the advantage of being able to stand up and stretch your legs.

By car

The car remains the most flexible means of transport, you can leave at any time, stop as often as necessary and you can travel in a semi-recumbent position if needed. Even if, in theory, you can take the car on the day of your lipedema operation, we advise against it for journeys of more than 2 hours. In this case, it is preferable to make the return trip the following day or the two days after the WAL liposucsion procedure.

Do not hesitate to make several stops if you feel the need to stretch your legs.

organisation retourn car

By plane

This means of transport is strongly discouraged, as it considerably increases the risk of phlebitis. It is possible to consider flying only for periods of less than 3 hours and with an echo Doppler control 24 hours before taking the plane. The wearing of double compression is mandatory as well as the injection of LOVENOX the day before and the day after the plane trip.

For air travel of more than 3 hours, it is totally forbidden during the month after the lipedema operation, you will also have to carry out a follow-up Doppler ultrasound 24 hours before the flight.

retourn plane organisation lipedema operation

The return journey, even if it is less than 2 hours, is a very tiring time, which can lead to discomfort. In order to avoid them, you must take time for each change of position (standing, sitting, standing), avoid stairs, drink a lot of water (1.5 to 2L of water per day) and eat well. The organisation of your arrival in Paris and especially the return journey are essential elements for an easier intervention and return home. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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