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Rates and personalized quote adapted to your case

“For us, every patient is different and a first appointment is essential to take stock.”

Your first appointment

At your appointment, the doctor Nicolas Zwillinger will ask different questions about your experience, your expectations and explain the different stages of your future career.

He will tell you the number of interventions necessary for a total treatment of your lipedema.

After answering your questions, he will draw up a personalised estimate.

This estimate differs according to various points, in particular the duration of the operation and the number of areas treated at once.

It includes :

  • The surgeon’s fee
  • The cost of the operating theatre
  • Hospitalization costs
  • The anaesthetist ‘s fees

The surgeon’s fee must be paid before the operation.

Payment can be made by credit card, bank certified cheques, cash or bank transfer. It is also possible to pay the sum of 3000 euros in 3 or 4 payments without charge (if the fees are higher than 3000 euros, the additional sum must be paid by other means of payment).

The payment of the operating room, hospitalization and anaesthesia fees must be paid on the day of the operation when you are admitted to the clinic.

Rates and custom quotes

Please note ! The quotation does not include the following additional costs:

  • The fee for the first consultation with the surgeon (100 €)
  • The following follow-up or post-operative appointments are not charged
  • The fee for the first consultation with the anaesthetist (100 €)
  • The cost of the compression garment (variable depending on the model)

Is the treatment of lipedema covered by social security?

At present the answer is no.

The disease is still underestimated and misdiagnosed by the medical profession.

Although lipoedema is a pathology recognised by the OMS, the surgical treatment of lipoedema by liposuction is not reimbursed by the health insurance.

The social security codes for these liposuctions exist but they cannot be associated with reimbursement.

This means that no application for a prior agreement can be filled out and therefore the mutual insurance company cannot reimburse W.A.L. liposuction operations.

In the future, we hope that the disease will be better defined and diagnosed and known, so that there may be opportunities for cases to be covered by the health insurance.