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testimony lipedema arms

Testimony of a patient with lipedema in the arms


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A patient with stage 2 lipedema on the arms shares her experience of WAL liposuccion treatment of this area.

How did you get to know Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger?

Purely by chance while doing research on a subject other than lipedema.

How did your first consultation with Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger go?

After becoming aware that Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger was the specialist in lipedema in France, and knowing that I was suffering from lipedema without having been diagnosed by another doctor (because no one took me seriously), I decided to make an appointment and asked if he was qualified to make the diagnosis, and when I got an affirmative answer, I immediately made an appointment.

The first appointment went extremely well, Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger confirmed that I was not crazy and that the problem that had been eating away at me for several years was not a figment of my imagination but a lipedema.

Following this consultation, when did you set a date for the operation?

Immediately after the consultation.

Once the diagnosis was made, I couldn’t let this problem linger.

How did you prepare for this intervention?

Mentally I didn’t have to do anything, I was so happy to finally be understood that it was a relief.

Physically I took iron and vitamins to give myself the best chance.

On the day of the operation, tell us how it went: (admission to the clinic, arrival in the room, the secretary’s visit to the room to give you the post-operation documents)

My husband and children were present at the admission. It went extremely smoothly and quickly. I was struck by the extreme kindness of all the people I had to deal with. Everyone was very kind and caring so that I felt good. I was given many explanations about the operation and the post-operation period, with tips and recommendations of all kinds. I was accompanied throughout the day with many visits from the clinic staff to make sure that everything was ok for me.

You left the clinic at the end of the day, how was your return home and the first days after the operation (pain? discharge? nursing care?)

Quite difficult the first 7 days, in the sense that I didn’t expect to have so much discharge, it was quite difficult because I didn’t expect it at all (I had done well to buy 2 support sleeves) and to be so tired. The nights were quite difficult because of the pain. The daily nursing care I received allowed me to see the evolution of my arms and to manage the pain better.

You are now one month post-op, how do you feel? (Satisfaction? Pain? sessions with the physiotherapist?)

I am over the moon and extremely grateful to Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger for having “saved” my life because I was suffering in torment and the complex of my “big arms” was ruining my life.

Now I’m 7 weeks after the operation, I’ve had 12 physiotherapy sessions (which is great because it makes me feel good), I still have a little swelling and pain at times, which is why I still wear the sleeves at night. I started working out again today in the gym with gentle and adapted movements.

I am extremely satisfied with the result and I imagine that this will be even more the case in a few months when everything is back to normal.

I have no regrets about having the operation, on the contrary, if I had to do it again I would not hesitate for a second.

testimony arms

When I saw the photo of my arms taken by Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger before the operation, I couldn’t contain my tears because I was so moved and amazed by the before/after result.

“Now I feel so much better in my body so thank you Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger.”

Since 2018, we are fighting together against lipedema in France. The Lipœdème.France group is dedicated to lipœdema patients, whatever the stage of the disease.

By keeping an open mind, this group allows patients to freely exchange their feelings and opinions and to submit their questions to competent professionals.

These same professionals, in conjunction with Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger, are ready to interact with you via this group.

The group is open to everyone, whether you are a patient or a relative, all are welcome. Group members are encouraged to share their experiences (photos, testimonials, etc.) with the greatest freedom.

We would like to thank this patient for her testimony, which highlights the existence of lipedema on the arms and the possibility of treating this area with WAL liposuccion.

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