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Testimony of Clementine

Testimony of Clementine


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Testimony of Clementine, a patient of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger and suffering from lipoedema

Hello ! So you’ve just come out of your second thigh operation this time.

That’s it.

I’ll let you introduce yourself.

Clementine, 24 years old. I had been suffering from pain since I was 15 years old as a result of taking oral contraceptives. I was only diagnosed last year, in March, by Dr Nicolas Zwillinger. This diagnosis was a real relief: feeling listened to, finally understanding what was wrong, that it wasn’t just a question of diet and sport.

Following this, I had my first operation in June last year (June 2020) which resulted in a second operation today (28 June 2021) which I do not regret doing and which I will do again no matter what, despite all the pain of the first operation, I will not hesitate to do the second one given the beneficial effects I have had since my first operation

I had a lot of support, Dr Nicolas Zwillinger’s team was always very present, you sent me messages during the three weeks, it was very satisfying and you really feel accompanied in this, you are not alone after the operation.

In terms of the post-operative experience, what was the most difficult thing for you?

So after that I’m not a very cosy person but… The nights, the fact of not sleeping much…

Afterwards I had chosen not to take any opioid medication, I was only on paracetamol but honestly, considering the aftermath…

I would do it again because it’s so beneficial that you get past the dressing changes which are a bit painful but when it’s with a good team it’s honestly done. In addition, working in a pharmacy on your feet is a bit complicated, so I had to do the operation.

And in terms of the first results, when did you see them after the first intervention?

Right away! At the ankle level I had pole legs and just with the panty I saw “Oh lala! I have ankles”! And after that, really, in terms of swelling and all that, I would say that after two months I had a nice result and that’s better than I could have hoped for!

And what difference did the first intervention make to your daily life?

Ah well, everything! In the pharmacy, standing was very hard, I couldn’t bend. I am very athletic and there were movements that I could no longer do in sport because of the lipedema. I was able to go hiking again and no longer say to myself during the day “Ah, my legs hurt”, and finally spend a day without thinking about my legs. It’s incredible!

So what do you expect in the coming weeks following this second operation?

I hope for the same thing as after the first one and to be able to continue to practice my profession especially and to be liberated!

Testimony of Clementine
To be liberated to be able to practice her profession as a pharmacist

What is your advice to people with lipedema?

To make a real follow-up, a real diagnosis even if the operation is not feasible in terms of financing. To make the diagnosis is important psychologically and to be recognised. Afterwards, if the operation is feasible, to go ahead and do it! And with Dr Nicolas Zwillinger. Frankly, I’ve spoken with other women and in France, Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger is at the cutting edge!

Thank you for this testimony from Clementine

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