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Testimony of a patient following their second surgery


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​​On the day of her second surgery at the Étoile clinic, this patient of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger shares with us her evolution of this pathology.

Could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Isabelle. I will be 58 years old at the end of August. I have just undergone a WAL liposuction for lipedema.

You had a lipedema operation today by Dr. Zwillinger. Could you describe your life with this disorder that affects your legs ?

This disease has followed me for a few years without me being able to put a name on it. I had a first operation from my ankles to my knees at the end of March and the second one this very day, on July 5th, from my lower knees to my thighs. Before this operation I had a lot of difficulty walking for too long. It was becoming painful. My legs were always very, very heavy. I always had pain even when I got dressed, I suffered for a long time. Aesthetically it wasn’t pretty, but before the aesthetics, it was the comfort that I didn’t have. I really didn’t feel good with these big legs.

When were you able to put down the word “lipedema” ?

I consulted doctors and other specialists who could not tell me that it was really lipedema.  It is after I met Dr. Zwillinger who diagnosed me officially with lipedema after various tests. I was so relieved to finally have a definitive answer to the big question in my head. We then proceeded to set the dates for both procedures.

You have just undergone surgery at the Clinique Étoile, under general anesthesia, please share your experience with us ?

In the first procedure, it was done under spinal anesthesia, which went very well. Today, it was done under general anesthesia, at my request. I was the one who asked Dr. Gloulou, the anesthesiologist, during our preoperative consultation. Since I have a large herniated disc, I have always been afraid for my spine. Nevertheless, the operation went very well. On the other hand, frankly, it is more comfortable with spinal surgery than general anesthesia. I was more tired today after being under general anesthesia than I was after the spinal surgery in the first surgery.

How long after your surgery were you able to resume a normal life ?

After 15 days I went back to work. I made sure to rest and follow all the instructions given to me by Dr. Zwillinger and his assistants. I walked regularly to work on my legs and I climbed a few small stairs to work the muscles. Finally, I was strong enough to start working. 

At the end of the procedure you were able to feel your legs. What were your first thoughts ?

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. Just before I had to go in for my first procedure, I took a picture of my calves and ankles, and I remembered how big they were. To my surprise, even right after the surgery, I could already see a difference. I saw that I had smaller ankles and very elevated calves so I was pleasantly surprised. My legs were more defined – something I never thought I would see.

How did you feel when you left the operating room ?

My thighs were very sore, but the nurse gave me some painkillers and it’s been much better since. I’m just relieved that the surgery is over. Like I said, I felt more tired after the surgery, but I’m still in good spirits. Tired but happy. We thank this lipedema patient for sharing her experience with us. We invite you to consult the other testimonials on our site.

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