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the specialized team at your service

For those seeking experts in France, there is a pioneering team of specialized surgeons led by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger, who treats patients with lipedema. This specialized team accompanies patients through all stages of their surgical treatment for lipedema, from diagnosis to operation and recovery.

With extensive clinical experience in Paris, Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger stands out in the surgical community for his use of the WAL liposuction technique since 2012. Along with his dedicated team, he is evolving the standard medical and surgical protocols in France to treat lipedema comprehensively since 2018.

Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger, as a plastic surgeon, welcomes talented young plastic surgeons for their clinical and systematic training in lipedema. He is an active member of the French societies SOFCEP and is invited annually to speak on lipedema, his method, experience, and share his discoveries with his surgical and medical colleagues. His work is often used as support for plastic surgery conferences to advance knowledge of lipedema among his colleagues in the field.

A team of passionate plastic surgeons

Patients and physicians from around the world turn to Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger and his exceptional team for lipedema treatment as his expertise in this condition is highly valuable and rare these days.

A key player in the multidisciplinary management of lipoedema, Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger’s entire team serves as a bridge between angiologist, vascular surgeon, phlebologist, hematologist, bariatric surgeon, psychologist, and nutritionist.

Your lipoedema procedure is safe and assured by our team of meticulous plastic surgeons, from your first consultation to your clinic stay and throughout your recovery. Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger and his experienced team perform lipoedema procedures at private partner clinics (Clinique ÉtoileClinique du Trocadéro) located in the heart of Paris, with easy access for patients.

The surgical team of Lipoedème-France collaborates with medical teams present in clinics, including anesthesiologists and nurses/caregivers trained in assisting patients after liposuction of the lower and upper limbs.

Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger and his specialized team welcome you to the clinic located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris for consultations and all your questions before and after the procedure.

The team is actively present on social media, and you can gather information from the Instagram community Lipoedème-France.

The team at Lipedema France includes a group of medical-administrative assistants who provide attentive support to patients and their families throughout all stages of the surgical treatment for this condition affecting 11% of women. These assistants are present at Paris Aesthetic Surgery Institute for pre and post-operative consultations, as well as on the day of surgery and online. They are available by phone or email to answer any questions before or after a procedure.

The team also includes a dermo-aesthetician who performs pressotherapy and skin quality improvement protocols, and a dermographer who treats post-operative scars.

The specialized team regularly updates this information and appointment booking website for Lipedema.

Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon

Doctor Georgio Atallah

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon

Doctor Petro Zubanov

Plastic surgeon

Doctor Paul Pittaluga

Vascular surgeon