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When to have lipedema surgery

When should I have lipedema surgery ?


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1. What is the minimum age for lipedema surgery ?

You are young, affected by lipedema but you don’t know if you are old enough to consider an operation? Don’t panic, we’ll take stock of the situation with you.

In the vast majority of cases, and although they may appear after pregnancy or during the menopause, the symptoms of lipoedema develop during puberty.

These symptoms can have a significant impact on your physical health. They can lead to chronic, sometimes disabling pain as soon as they appear.

The mental impact of lipedema should not be underestimated. At a critical time such as adolescence, its effects can be devastating! It can lead to a loss of self-esteem, serious complexes, eating disorders and even depression.

Surgery provides a significant and lasting improvement in your symptoms. It is also more effective if performed at an early stage of lipedema development, when the volume to be removed is relatively small. This is why it is important to make a diagnosis as early as possible. The operation can therefore be considered at any age!

If you are a teenager with this disease, it is normal to want to relieve your symptoms with surgery. Better still, it is especially recommended to slow down the progression of the disease. The results will be even more lasting. There is no minimum age requirement for lipedema surgery.

2. Lipedema surgery before or after pregnancy ?

This is one of the most common questions asked during a pre-operative consultation: should I have the operation before or after pregnancy?

Here are some of the answers

Since pregnancy (and any hormonal event) is very likely to aggravate the disease and cause the areas affected by lipedema (the fat cells) to “grow”, the first response that comes to mind would be to say “do it first! “

Fat is likely to appear and accumulate during pregnancy, it will be preferentially lodged in the limbs: this means that the liposuction WAL work may become longer and more important after one or more pregnancies.

There is a clear risk of deterioration of the patient’s condition and it is possible for lipedema to increase and change stage during pregnancy (link to classification of lipedema).

However, this is a doctor’s answer and not a mother’s and/or couple’s answer. If you have a very strong desire to become pregnant, then it is better to prioritise your pregnancy over the lipedema operation.

You have the last word!

3. What is the maximum age for lipedema surgery ?

Lipedema affects all ages and causes pain at any age.

The diagnosis can be made at any age, even at an “advanced” age, as lipoedema is increasingly well diagnosed by patients and doctors.

But what should you do if you are diagnosed with lipedema at 60? Or even at 65 years old?

Unfortunately, in this age group, lipedema tends to be already at an advanced stage (stage 3 or 4) and sometimes lipo-lymphoedema is even established.

It is perfectly normal and legitimate to wish to live a full life at any age with healthy legs, arms or thighs, without physical or psychological suffering.

If you are in good shape and your body can withstand an operation then don’t hesitate to have the operation. 

The benefit of the operation should not be overlooked: it is never too late to free yourself from pain and complexes.

Of course, before any operation, a complete assessment of metabolic and cardiac pathologies must be carried out as well as a consultation between the plastic surgeon and his fellow doctors (including the anaesthetist).

If you have lipedema but are wondering about the ideal time to have liposuction WAL surgery, you should know that there are benefits at all ages.

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