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compression bands

How do compression bands work ?


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Let’s say it straight away: lipedema is not a fatality! There are several treatments available today. They can greatly relieve the symptoms, have the advantage of being complementary, and slow down the progression of lipedema.

Compression bands: here we will discuss one of them, which is particularly effective and non-invasive.

Compression bands : definition

Compression bands (also called contention) are garments that, as the name suggests, will compress the limbs affected by lipedema. This can be the legs and/or arms. This compression will encourage blood flow and lymph circulation within the lymphatic system. It will therefore prevent fluid retention and the creation of oedema.  

Compression has another beneficial effect: it allows the fluids naturally present within your tissues to rise to the top of the limb. This will greatly facilitate their drainage. Therefore, by wearing compression bands regularly, you slow down the development of lipedema on a daily basis!  

These compression bands do more than just slow down the development of the disease. They also have an impact on your daily quality of life. Other benefits are :

  • relief from chronic pain a feeling of lightness in the limbs, which are decongested.
  • Your mobility can be improved: when you walk, for example, the movement of the fatty tissues will be prevented by the bands, which will hold them tightly together.  

The aesthetic appearance of limbs with lipedema can also be a source of psychological distress for patients. Again, compression bands can have a beneficial effect, allowing the skin to be smoother and the limbs to be more “defined”.

Precautions to take

However, there are certain precautions to be taken : compression bands must be prescribed by a specialist. He or she will be best able to assess the level of compression your limbs need. It is important to remember that the skin affected by lipoedema can be particularly sensitive, so compression bands must be perfectly adapted to your specific needs. They can be made to measure: this is often the best option. It is important that they do not create tourniquets or cut off your circulation.  

Other compression clothing are available in standard sizes, usually from size 1 to 4 (from lightest to strongest compression).  

As we have seen, it is essential that the compression is in any case regular, ideally worn every day. The effectiveness of the compression depends on this regularity, but it is not necessary to wear them at night. You can put them on in the morning and take them off in the evening. Here again, we strongly advise you to consult a specialist, who will be best able to determine the rate and level of compression you need!  

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