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Is it necessary to operate on stage 1 lipedema?

Is it necessary to operate on stage 1 lipedema ?


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Stage 1, unfortunately many women with lipedema still think that they have to wait for a diagnosis of their pathology and let their lipedema evolve and worsen before having an operation to “make it profitable”.

We are going to give you some answers to show you why lipedema should be taken seriously as soon as it is detected and treated as soon as possible.

Firstly : two important points :

  • Lipedema that is only slightly visible to the naked eye and not very advanced in its development is completely operable. More than a third of the patients operated on by Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger were in stage 1 of lipedema.
  • Why wait and stay for years with his malaise, his suffering and his complexes? The age range of patients with stage 1 lipedema is predominantly under 35 years.

What are the characteristics of stage 1 lipedema ?

Stage 1 disease has mild swelling of the lower limbs, with joints still visible and affects small areas. The unsightly appearance of the legs or arms is not yet obvious, although these fat deposits can be a growing embarrassment or complex.

It is often at this point in the disease that many women will start inflicting themselves with intensive diets and sports (and frequently following the misguided advice of doctors who have failed to detect the signs of lipoedema).

These dietary restrictions and intensive training will not succeed in stopping the progression of the disease, they will at best reduce it and, most of the time, at the cost of great fatigue and guilt for the apparent lack of results.

When the years go by, when possible pregnancies occur, and when sport is less intensive and more spaced out, it is not rare that a stage 1 lipedema quickly passes to stage 2, or even 3!

The symptoms are quite varied (bruises that appear spontaneously, swelling, tiredness, difficulties for long walks, etc.): first of all, you will not necessarily have pain or heaviness for sure, but a progressive handicap in your daily activities, in your movements as well as in your relationship with your body and your femininity.

[IMG] Don’t wait for your pain and complexes to ruin your life

Whether to operate on stage 1 lipedema : listen to your feelings

operate lipedema stage 1
Lipedema surgery

Do not underestimate your complexes and your feelings: even a benign disease can cause real suffering which will have an impact on your self-perception. A stage 2 or higher involves a longer, more costly and painful operation and follow-up. Several operations may even have to be considered, whereas one could suffice to treat stage 1, because in its early stages, lipedema may be less “diffused” and is often present in only one area.

We advise you to take your lipedema in hand and not to waste years poisoned by your complexes and your uneasiness. Listen to your body and take care of yourself.

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