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patiente algérienne lipœdème

Testimony of an Algerian patient, operated on for lipedema by Dr Zwillinger


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On the occasion of her post-operative appointment, an Algerian patient shares her experience of liposuccion WAL to treat her stage 2 lipedema of the lower limbs.

Could you introduce yourself and your disease “lipedema”?

My name is Melissa, I am 24 years old. I am of Algerian origin. I saw the testimonies of Doctor Nicolas Zwillinger on the internet, giving the image of a doctor who was up to the task. I sent him a message explaining that I had a complex about my big legs, so he offered me a consultation. Living in Algeria, I made an appointment for a video consultation. I told him about my problem with my ankles and calves. He asked me a lot of questions in order to understand what I wanted: to refine my calves.

So I came specially from Algeria to have the operation. He gave me confidence and the spinal anaesthesia reassured me a lot because I was very afraid of the general anaesthesia. Despite my complex, I would not have done it if it had not been possible to have a spinal anaesthetic.

How did the pre-op appointment with the anaesthetist go?

Very well, Dr Gloulou is an extraordinary person. He was very supportive, listened to me and advised me.

Tell us about the day of your intervention:

I was very scared, I was stressed. This is something new. Fortunately, Charlotte, the doctor’s assistant, was there to reassure me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff who were very kind. They came to get me and took me to the operating theatre. I found a very cheerful and friendly team there. I was accompanied by music, the stress went down. I didn’t even feel the spinal anaesthetic. The team reassured me so much that I didn’t have time to stress.

I was in surgery for 1.5-2 hours. I could see my beautiful legs at the end of the operation. I was very happy even though I wasn’t fully conscious yet. I was hospitalised for one night. The nurse was with me all night, coming by every 30 minutes. The next day, I had a bit of trouble getting up, but I had been warned during the consultation and on the day of the operation. So there were no unpleasant surprises.

What about the post-operative period, was there any fatigue or pain?

The first week is not very easy. I had a little trouble walking. It is not excruciating pain. We are prescribed painkillers. I have not had any complications.

You have just had your post-operative appointment, how did it go?

Very good, Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger is always very smiling. He was happy with his work. I can see that my feet have gone down. I can’t wait to wear my first skirt!

On the occasion of this article: testimony of an Algerian patient: would you have any advice for people with lipedema?

For anyone who is afraid to take the plunge, I recommend this surgery. It changed my life and it’s a new beginning! There is nothing to worry about with such a qualified staff and surgeon, you can come with your eyes closed. I really liked their sincerity about the whole process.

If you do not live in France but would like to undergo liposuction, do not hesitate to make an appointment for a video-consultation with Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger. During this appointment, the surgeon will confirm the diagnosis of lipedema, determine the affected areas and explain the liposuccion WAL technique.

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